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Here are some suggestions from those who have come before you. Williams has its fair share of insider terminology. Brunch Night a culinary dream-come-true , n. Breakfast for dinner is the concept, while you can get the usual grub in one food-line, who can pass up on freshly baked bagels, waffles-while-you-whistle, Egg McGreylock and more. Be sure to befriend the Omelet Man official title for the ultimate omelet experience. An opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to take a break from the rigors of everyday Williams life and talk with and listen to each other about how each of us comprises an important part of the Williams community.

Typically held the day after the first day of spring semester classes, and classes are canceled that day. College Council, n. The student-elected governing organization for the student body, one of the primo ways to fine-tune and expand your leadership skills. Student organizations are recognized by CC and receive funding from CC; CC also provides oversight and accountability for student organizations as far as their roles, responsibilities, and financial management, with assistance from the Office of Student Life. Common Room , n.

A much loved and used room that will replace the old family den, living room, or room that you generally hung out in before you came to college. As relaxation spaces go, it is the best. No way! Do-It-In-The-Dark , v. The act of turning out the lights and unplugging unused electrical devices to do homework, shower, hang out or whatever it is you do. A competition between houses to see who can save the most electricity over a given month. This competition was praised by Thomas Friedman once he found out it was not, in fact, a nosy question.

Winning houses receive, in addition to fame and glory, a night of fun activities and food and maybe even a chance to play with puppies. Plus, saving the environment is cool. Eph your newest nom-de college , n. It stems from Col. Ephraim Williams, who had commanded the northern line of defense in the French and Indian wars and left money for the founding of a school on the condition that the town be named after him. Junior Advisors mum and pop , n. It may sound hard to believe, but they will become a HUGE resource for you during your first year, to be sure.

Located in the Paresky Center and affectionately known as "Snar,", this space is a campus favorite. Many people will grab dinner here if they get back late from rehearsal or a sporting event. It is also a great place to read with some subtle background noise.

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Simple, good food and fairly neutral territory. The Log a rustic gathering place , n.

An incredible log-cabinish space on Spring Street which is filled with old pictures, dark wood, food, and large, crackling fires in fireplace. Why is it called "The Log? When the email comes out, respond fast or you'll have to wait until the next one - the spots go fast! Mountain Day surprise! A random special Friday in October, when the bells toll at am, classes are cancelled all day and students gather for celebrations and hiking in the Berkshires.

Students, faculty, and staff gather on the Hopper to sing songs, eat apples, and enjoy the nice weather. The Williams alma mater song that you will be expected to know all fourteen verses of by the time you graduate well, at least the first couple of verses. The bovine of choice around these parts. They happen to be our mascot the cow, not the marshmallow , as we compete against other mammals like the Camels Conn.

College and the Jumbos Tufts. A weekend of fun student events to celebrate the beauty of the season in the Berkshires and to remind ourselves that there are only a handful of weeks of studying before finals - so enjoy it while you have the time! Spring Street urban Williamstown , n. The geographical and commercial hub of Williamstown, the Village Beautiful yep, that's how we define it.

We love the winter so much, we cancel classes that Friday to pay tribute. We send our best wishes, and we look forward to welcoming you to Williams! The Bell Book has been updated over the years: In it graduated from hard-copy to the web for your ease of perusal. Things to keep in mind while transforming your room into a castle… You are going to be living there for about nine months, not a lifetime.

Want to know more about our residences for first-year students? Read on! The Frosh Quad Williams and Sage form the Frosh Quad which is great on warm days for Frisbee, studying at one of the picnic tables, or hanging out in the sun.

It has truly become a home away from home. I loved having all my entry-mates on the same floor as me and having the large common rooms. It definitely made it a lot easier to form many friendships within my entry, and I count them amongst my closest friends on this campus. Also, the in-house dining hall is a game changer. Breakfast in your pajamas? Not having to go outside on cold days? The perfect place to live? Although some people aren't, I am a bit fan of the entry system, and I think that the architecture of Mission entries allows for many more day-to-day interactions within entries.

And on the really lazy or really cold days, it's life-changing and life-saving to live right above the dining hall. Mission Hill is not fun to hike up every day, but it's a small price to pay. Also between each entry's two main common rooms and smaller side common room, there is almost always an available space for you and your friends to watch something or play a game.

Going to breakfast in your pajamas is a huge plus. Also, having horizontal entries with large common rooms means you'll get much closer. You run into the same people at breakfast, doing laundry, and playing pool or baking cookies in the lobby. You will get to know a ton of other freshmen just from seeing them around and bonding over how nice the Mission singles are!

Don't let location dissuade you from Mission. The convenience of the dining hall more than makes up for it. I can't understate how great it is to have a dining hall in the building. It makes getting breakfast before early classes so much easier, and it's really great to see all of your friends from Mission eating there most meals; whenever I walk into the dining hall I recognize most of the people there!

Most rooms are singles which means you don't have to wake up when your roommate has an 8am class or feel like you need to keep your room clean at all because it is all yours. Mission entries are really close and have one shared common room huge with a tv and kitchen where we all hang out together. Having the best dining hall downstairs does not hurt either. I have repeatedly gone to breakfast in my pajamas no shame. You don't have to go outside, and can get all of the tea, honey, and fruits that you need. Even when you're not sick, being able to get brunch after a long night without putting on real clothes is so nice.

Also, having horizontal entries is the way to go. You get closer to your entry because you can just walk down the hallway and see all of yoour friends, and don't have to climb any stairs if you don't want to! I wish someone told me this: you don't need to get a mirror because there's one on the inside of your wardrobe and a smaller one on the wall. Not only do you have the dining hall downstairs which is a huge plus in the winter , but the horizontal entries and large common rooms are really conducive to a super-close entry.

Plus, the TV's are a must if you're planning on having late-night Mario Kart marathons! It's so convenient having a dining hall right below you. Plus Mission has a neat common room above the dining hall complete with a kitchen, a piano, pool tables, and a ping-pong table. So, whenever I find myself hungry and I can't bother dressing for the cold outdoors, I can just walk down to the dining hall in my PJs and sandals.

Then I can go upstairs to play a quick game of ping-pong or pool! It is wonderful to be able to leave your room in shorts and a t-shirt to go grab a meal when it is 7 degrees outside. The walls are bare and make use of that! Put up decor to make the dorm your home for the next year. Sure, Frosh Quad is a bit closer to the rest of campus, but the difference is usually a less than two minute walk.

Besides, Frosh Quad students often eat in Mission, so they have to walk the extra distance anyway. In Mission, you live on the same floor as all your entrymates so you see them more often, and it's really nice to be able to go to dinner in flip flops in the winter. Plus, almost all rooms are singles! Second off: Snack Bar is next door!!! Third: Don't ever let a Mission kid tell you how nice it is having a big common room.

Tight common rooms mean tight entries and entries will always have your back. Willy and Sage make a classic college setting that is easy to love. There is a common room for every three or four people, so small groups get really into curating a unique vibe and hosting events, which makes for awesome community, and watching the seasons go by really makes it feel like home.

Don't stress it too much as you will probably love wherever you land, but Frosh Quad is a true neighborhood and next year I'll be missing my tiny basement double. Its location is prime, and the vertical entries allow you to know not only your own entry, but people near you on your floor too. Having more personal common rooms allows for more hangout space, more storage, and opportunities to meet tons of new people. The closets are actually tiny and the drawers can only hold so much.

Bring your own storage bins. You can place them under the bed they rise - no need for bed lifts. You're close to everything, which is a life-saver during the winter and you have a dining hall that's only a two minute walk away. That's a huge plus during the winter months, when it's freezing and snowing outside. The Paresky dining hall is only a 30 second walk from my entry, but even Mission which arguably has better food is only about 2 minutes away. Also, if you ever forget any books, you can easily make a quick trip back to your dorm. It is in the best location: close to Paresky for food, Sawyer for work and the gym for keeping fit.

The common rooms are also nice, kind of bland at first but really easy to decorate Because of Frosh Quad's central location on campus, it's an easy place to meet up with friends, regardless of where they live, and people are simply way more likely to stop by or set up camp to get out of walking than they would be at Mission. Additionally, the suite system in Frosh Quad makes being social much more flexible.

You can stay in your room, hang out in your suite common room, or go to the entry's main common room, depending on how much you feel like interacting with people. Added bonus: if your best friends are on a lower floor than you, you can skip out on a lot of the stairs! Have you been assigned to a double? Take a deep breath - it's going to be ok! Understand it may take some time for both of you to adjust. Your JAs are there to work with you if difficulties become too hard to resolve on your own.

Some advice for you from those who have come before you: To be honest, I wasn't thrilled when I found out that I'd be living in a double -- but now I realize that I am so grateful to have a roommate! Sharing little moments each day with a roommate making Mountain Day morning more exhilarating, snowy winter nights more cozy, and long evenings of studying much less lonely! Instead, I ended up with a double to myself - a "dingle. Obviously, there's no guarantee this will be the case, but if it is, it's awesome.

We both respect each other's space, take turns cleaning the room, and have plenty of dance parties. When we go to bed at the same time, we catch up on our days and random stuff, so essentially, I'm having a sleepover with my best friend every night! Lilia is the G. Now, she's my best friend and I can't imagine not sharing the same tiny space with her. A roommate will, at worst, be tolerable, and at best, become your first friend in your new life. So don't stress out too much if you get a double when you wanted a single.

There's no guarantee that you'll be best friends with your roommate. But I promise you'll survive, and it just might end up being better than you thought. On move in day my roommate and I made essential decisions on whose space was whose and it led to a very cooperative year. Also, a little respect goes a long way. If one of us was sleeping, the other wouldn't be working in the room with the light on - we would go to the common room, library, or some other good study space.

A little goes a long way in terms of respecting each other and your spaces.

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Both of us are now really good friends. It's actually really nice to have a roommate, because you always have someone to talk to or have dinner with or tag in memes. Bring those things. Don't bring the others. Check out the consignment section at Nature's Closet in bustling downtown Williamstown. You will wash your sheets when they get dirty. Otherwise, you will just end up with two sets of dirty sheets and more laundry to do.

Same deal as the sheets re: laundry. Pillow case. Start with one. If you find yourself too cold as winter sets in, get another blanket then. Hamper or Laundry Basket — one or the other will suffice. Collapsable drying rack - you'll save a few bucks on the dryers while you're helping the environment! Personal Care Items By now you should know what you need in this area - so bring what you need. The basics, of course, are: Soap.

School Supplies Bring what learning tools you used in high school. The basics, of course, are: Pens. A computer is very highly recommended though there are several computer labs across campus and you may find you don't even need one. A calculator might come in handy occasionally for tests, but most of the time you'll likely just use a calculator on your computer. Other A Bicycle and helmet. Williams is a very bike-friendly campus, and the nearest Rite Aid is only a 5-minute ride away.

If you don't have a bike or live too far away to bring one, the Purple Bike Coalition rents out bikes for free. Extension cords. Removable poster adhesive. Storage containers. Most rooms come with a dresser, desk, and a hanging area for storage so calculate that into your storage needs. Under the bed storage container. Cell phone. Nearly every Williams student uses a cell phone. If you're a die-hard land-line person, you can bring your own land-line phone, but be sure to bring a phone-card too for long-distance calls.

TV There are TV's in most common rooms, and you can always catch up on your favorite shows through Netflix or Hulu on your laptop or iPad just don't do it during class Certain Wireless Devices For bandwidth and sustainability reasons, certain wireless devices such as routers, hotspots, wireless printers are on the list of things not to bring. Cleaning supplies Your custodians will have pretty much everything you need to borrow vacuum, cleaners, paper towels, etc.

Plastic risers for the bed Do you like sleeping very far off the ground on a lifted bed? Light Bulbs Facilities will replace lights that come with the room when they burn out. Calendar Use a computer calendar - you will get a Williams Google account, and it's great.

Flashlight The power almost never goes out; use your cell phone and if you are going on WOOLF you may have already brought a headlamp anyhow. Bottled Water You will be given a reusable Williams water bottle; Williamstown tap water is delicious and healthy, and there are bubblers around campus as well. Hangers We recommend visiting the ABC sale, they always have a ton for sale. Candles Even if you have any unlit the theory is they could eventually be lit Pets Other than fish in a small tank less than 5 gallons , no student—owned pets are permitted in College housing.

You can get it at breakfast. Or the Goodrich Coffee Bar. Or the Paresky Snack Bar. Or the Eco-Cafe in Schow.

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Or the vending machine in Sawyer. Or the Log. Lots of options we in the Berkshires love our coffee, obviously. Why bring them in the first place? Bagels go bad in a day. Bread will get moldy. It really is more of an aesthetic than functional appliance when it comes down to it. Save space and money - leave it home! Hamburger and Sandwich Makers. Who ever came up with this nifty little invention? Probably a Williams graduate who was deprived of such things. Is George Foreman an Eph? Hot plates good for little brother pranks, but not for your good standing.

Crock Pots no more stews, sorry. Broilers mind you we do have dining halls. Bread Makers.

We're here to help you find people with the white pages directory!

Electric Fry Pans seriously?? Electric or Gas Stoves leave the Coleman with Dad for his camping trips. Deep Fryers again, we have dining halls if you really need to punish your arteries. Hot Pots. Any other appliance with a heating unit or coil. Smoking Smoking is not allowed in any college building, nor within 25 feet of the buildings who wants to be puffing during a snowstorm anyhow? And yes, it's truly beautiful here - no joke. As long as you have good waterproof boots and a hood, snowstorms will be heavenly. Winter can be rought, but the snow is beyond beautiful - as long as you're prepared for it.

I can't stress the importance of wool socks and a thick jacket enough. And wearing leggings under your jeans can be a life saver! What's really wild, though, is the appreciation you'll come to have for 30 and 40 degree weather.

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When my friends that have been born and raised in New England first called a 32 degree day warm, I thought that they were absolutely insane. It rarely gets below 50 degrees where I'm from! But now, weirdly enough, I've come to agree with them. You really learn to appreciate all forms of weather, because once it gets nice and warm in the spring, you'l be craving for the winter chills. I knew it would be cold but I didn't realize it would be as cold as it was.

Surprisingly, I've actually come to enjoy the weather well, to a certain degree, no pun intended. I was excited to play in the snow and drink hot chocolate! However, no one told me that stepping into the cold would make my ears hurt. Have a scarf or a hat ready at all times! The weather here changes constantly, so be ready for sun the first day and 3 inches of snow the second.

Good layers will let you be prepared for any type of weather that comes your way.

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Just put on an extra shirt. Just take off three jackets. Very cold. But you just bundle up in a puffy jacket and many layers and brave the freezing temperatures it's worth is for snar. And remember, the cold weather only mmakes spring feel SO much nicer. You'll be surprised when you find yourself saying that 40 degrees Farenheit feels warm! That said, it can make dressing for class each day a bit difficult!

In the fall, the mountains are slathered with several billion shades of reds, oranges, and purples. In the summer, the skies are always blue and you can always smell the trees as you stroll past the Quad. Winters are brutal, especially with wind chills, but sledding and snowball fights are just some of the best ways to make the most out of the situation! And who could possibly say no to hot cocoa and a whipped cream mustache while gazing at the snow from the inside?

I always need more layers than I think I do. Do not underestimate the cold. Also, huge gloves are VERY important. Don't get me wrong, winter is fun, but only when your fingers aren't in pain. At Williams, the wind is insanely strong, so bring a windbreaker. Snow boots are a MUST as you can use them for both snow and rain. If you're a morning showerer run it through a towel a few times before you go outside or else you'll spend your first class waiting for your hair to thaw.

On most days, this holds true: I'm used to fluctuating sunny, rainy, windy, snowy, cloudy days. What I wasn't prepared for was how windy it gets here. There have been a few special days during which it's been too cold to go outside unless necessary, and on those days, I literally cannot keep walking when the wind starts. However, this is a rare occurrence. A good waterproof coat, and a really good pair of waterproof boots will go a long way.

Make sure to layer, layer, layer, and keep your head, hands, and feet warm. If you're from somewhere humid like how Hawaii is , moisturizing every day and investing in a humidifier will save your skin. Keeping a good attitude towards the weather is most important: let yourself be excited by the first snowfall and try not to get too annoyed with the constant cold. The snow makes the Berkshires gorgeous, you just have to be able to appreciate it! If you visited Taco Bell's Twitter page this morning, you would find a complete blackout: no Tweets, no photos, no favorites.

The only hint was the description: OnlyInTheApp. Instagram and Facebook have also gone dark, as has tacobell. Mobile ordering is here. Why all the fuss over an updated app? Taco Bell is now the first fast-food chain to offer mobile ordering and payments nationwide for both drive-thru and dining room orders. The glossy app allows customers to place an order, pay for it and select a Taco Bell location to pick up their food, all on a smartphone.

The company is putting emphasis on customization, allowing customers to add extra meat or hold the sour cream. Location features alert employees when customers arrive and check in, allowing workers to quickly prepare the meal. When picking up an order, customers can skip the line in the store or even grab the meal via drive-thru.

Taco Bell's app also allows for swift ordering of previous meals with a "Rotate to Reorder" feature. So, if going to the fast-food restaurant or even clicking on your order on a smartphone takes too long for your taste, now all you have to do to order Taco Bell is wiggle your phone around. Tech partners for the updated app include mobile payment platforms that focus on restaurants, including Cardfree, Tillster and Xpient.

Mobile ordering is a huge deal for the restaurant business right now. Apple unveiled Apple Pay in September, and restaurants including McDonald's and Subway have already gotten in on the mobile payment system. Longtime mobile ordering pioneer Starbucks is introducing "Mobile Order and Pay" in select markets before the end of the year.

Already famous for inventing the telephone, Bell, 34, immediately began pondering how to locate the bullet. Years earlier, while working on telephone technology, he had accidentally discovered an electronic method of detecting hidden metal. Now, he set to work, trying to create a machine that could find the bullet inside the president. Meanwhile, Garfield lay in a White House bedroom, under the care of a physician with the unlikely name of Dr.

Doctor Willard Bliss. He should have known better: Joseph Lister and other scientists had already proved that infections were caused by germs and could be prevented by antiseptic practices. But Bliss was among the many American doctors who pooh-poohed the notion that tiny invisible bugs could cause infections. Bell returned to his Washington laboratory, where he kept tinkering with his invention, testing it on Civil War veterans who carried bullets in their bodies. Weeks went by and Garfield grew sicker.

The president was conscious and surprisingly cheerful, but his wound oozed vile yellow pus and his fever spiked to degrees. On July 26 the desperate doctor wrote to the inventor. Bell came to the White House and set up his machine.