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You will want to gather any documents that support your claim, and also think about if there are any witnesses to what happened. Please have a pen and paper to write things down, as well as any relevant documents such as letters, e-mails, records of employment or leases.

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You will need these when talking to a Human Rights Advisor. If you have a mediation scheduled, please call us at least 20 days before the mediation date.

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This allows us enough time to determine how best to help you. The Human Rights Legal Support Centre does not deal with federal matters such as airline travel, chartered banks, television and radio stations, telephone companies, federal government departments and agencies.

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Those are dealt with under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Contact the Canadian Human Rights Commission , at Skip to main content.

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General information is available on the web You should read general information available on the web before calling us. Languages We can provide service in languages. Your call must be related to the Ontario Human Rights Code Not all unfair treatment is discrimination.

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These grounds are: Race Colour Ancestry Place of origin Citizenship Ethnic origin Creed religion Receipt of public assistance can be discriminatory in relation housing only Sexual orientation Marital status Family status Record of offenses can be discriminatory in relation to employment only, and you must have been pardoned for the offense Age Disability Sex includes being pregnant, sexual harassment Gender identity and gender expression To determine if you have a Human Rights Claim under the Code , please click here.

This is one of the ways that the College fulfills its mandate of public protection.

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The Register includes the following information about social workers and social service workers in Ontario:. This information is not designed nor is it intended to be used for any other purpose, including marketing or research. Important Note: For optimal printing, please use either Chrome or Firefox internet browsers. Skip to content Online Register. Welcome to the Online Register The Register provides information on all registered social workers and registered social service workers in Ontario. Why does the College have a Register?