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In an online graphic, Global used an interactive map to show a general area where registered sex offenders are living based on postal codes.

See What Happened When Parole Officers Visited Sex Offenders on Halloween

It does not use exact addresses. Anyone who is an Ontario resident and has been convicted of a sexual offence anywhere in Canada or who has been found not criminally responsible for a sex offence must register with the Ontario Sex Offender Registry.

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How many registered sex offenders live in your neighbourhood? Find out here News May 09, Cambridge Times. Here are some other things you can do to help make you feel secure again. Act with thought.

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Many people with a history of sexually offending are motivated to succeed when they re-enter society. Contrary to conventional wisdom, counseling can be very effective.

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Re-arrest rates for sexual offenses are actually very low. When given steady support, counseling and supervision they often pose little threat to anyone in the neighborhood.

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Your children and your family need to know what to do if anyone — family, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, or stranger — is approaching a child sexually. Remember, abuse is most likely to happen with someone you already know. If there was a public notice, ask the contact person or organization on the notice for more information. There may be a public meeting, local resources, or other materials that would help you and your family.

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If there is community notification meeting, go to learn more about this person, their risk level, and how they will be supervised in the community. Learn about the restrictions that have been placed on this person so that if you see them doing something inappropriate you know how to report it. Ask the person or organization who has notified you whether the person who sexually abused in the past is being supervised by a probation or parole officer. You should be able to get the name and telephone number of the probation or parole officer. This officer may be able to answer more complex questions about the risk this person may pose to your family.

Consider approaching the person with an offer of support, perhaps through the probation or parole office. Remember, you may already know this person or know their family and friends. Even if they are new in your community, they are a part of it now. If the person who sexually abused is open and honest about the past, they may really be trying to change and live a different life. Show your support for their willingness to live a different life that keeps children safe.

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Your support and watchfulness can help in their recovery. It is also a chance to alert them that you know about their past and are aware of their actions today. Avoid a hostile confrontation. Making threats or taking revenge may put you at legal risk.