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Just fill in the fields and let it work its magic. Rapportive comes in handy. Move the cursor over the email address one by one and observe. Gmail will show you if the email address is associated with a Google profile, while the LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension will reveal if this email address belongs to a LinkedIn account you must be logged in to LinkedIn for that. If both Sales Navigator and Gmail remain silent, you can run another check by searching for the exact match of your best guess on Google or another search engine to see if it was mentioned anywhere on the Web.

Sometimes email addresses like newsletter domainname. Most big companies have either a contact form on their website or list a generic email address for inquiries e. Those inboxes are mostly handled by support teams or by VAs. Let me show you how you can find prospects AND their email addresses in bulk for your outreach.

Use these methods responsibly.

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The harder part is masking the information. First, delete anything too valuable on social networks like Facebook. A full birth date or home address can be used to steal your identity. Personal details can be cloaked using privacy settings that make them available only to friends. Also remove or deactivate social networking accounts you no longer use. A friend on Facebook may agree to delete an unflattering photo of you. Beal says asking nicely and explaining why often works. View all New York Times newsletters. Many data brokers will let you opt out of their databases, though you will have to contact each one individually.

Yoo, a spokeswoman for the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which has a list of brokers. Information that is taken down should drop out of the search engines within a few weeks. All this can be a headache. A friend who faced a stalker last summer spent two weeks trying to get her home address removed from four Web sites and search engines. Google said its search engine reflected content that was available on the Web.

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Indeed, it appears her address was not entirely purged from one of the sites. If the content is defamatory — both false and damaging — or otherwise illegal, Mr. Search for yourself on Whitepages. In the list of names provided, find your entry and click the box that reads, "View Details. To make matters worse, it's not uncommon to find that Whitepages has your name misspelled in its records — as was the case with me. You can usually locate your specific profile by looking for your age and the names of your relatives, which are among the first items displayed.

Whitepages may occasionally misspell your name.

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Once opened, your page will display a long list of all the info that Whitepages has on file about you. It'll also include a lot of sky blue-colored links to further results — that's all your premium info, locked behind a paywall. Head to the opt out page, which you can find here.

In the box provided, paste in your copied URL and click the "Opt-out" button. Enter your profile URL. Whitepages will bring up a box with your name and some info, and ask you to make sure that it's the right person. If it is, click "Remove me. Take me back," and make sure that the URL is correct. Before continuing, you have to select a reason why you want your info to be removed.

It doesn't matter what reason you select, or whether or not you leave a comment. Once you've picked your reason, click "Submit. Pick a reason for removing your info. To finish removing your info, you have to verify your identity by entering a security code that Whitepages will provide through a phone call.

In the text box provided, enter a phone number you can be immediately reached at, check the box affirming that you're removing only your own info, and click "Call now to verify. You'll be taken to a new page, which will display a four-digit code in large lettering. The code you receive will be randomized. Within a few moments, you'll receive a call from a phone number based out of Nicasio, CA. Note that it won't ring as long as most phone calls before disconnecting — only about ten seconds — so answer quickly.

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And also be aware that since it's technically an automated call, some phone providers' anti-robocall features may try to block or silence it. The call from Whitepages may be marked as spam. Answer the phone call, and listen to the instructions given by the robocaller's sort of creepy voice. It'll ask you to enter the four-digit code on your phone's keypad. Once you do, the robocaller will tell you that your request has been accepted, and if you have any more questions, to visit the Whitepages website.

It will then hang up. Refresh, and this page should appear.

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And that's all it takes to remove your free info. Note, however, that it may take up to a day for your info to disappear from the site — and it may take even longer for your info to stop showing up on search engines like Google or Bing, which could keep it cached for an indefinite amount of time.

follow link In the list of names provided, find your entry. You can usually locate it by looking for your age and the names of your relatives, which are among the first items displayed.

Once found, right-click the blue button that reads "View Full Report. You don't need to open the profile. In the menu that opens, click "Copy Link Address. Just right-click and copy its URL. Go to the Support Request page, which you can find here. The page will ask you to disclose what sort of issue you're having. From the dropdown menu, select "I need to edit or remove a listing. The page will refresh, and a long questionnaire form will appear. Fill it out, providing the URL you copied and as much other info as you can.