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However, spouses who have minor children or a high-net worth generally have higher divorce costs than the state average.

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The most expensive category of divorce in Michigan is one involving children. However, costs for divorce with children are significantly lower for spouses who are able to reach a settlement before trial than those who go to divorce court to let a judge resolve their disputes.

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Whether or not minor children are involved, divorces in Michigan that involve a dispute over alimony also cost more than the average. In alimony disputes, spouses often disagree on how much the working spouse actually makes or how much the non-working spouse should be able to earn. Getting to a settlement or preparing for trial in these situations can be expensive because of the costs of hiring and reviewing the opinions of financial experts and vocational analysts. And of course, the more alimony a spouse requests, the more the other spouse will fight it, and the more expensive it becomes.

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Divorces in Michigan where property needs to be divided cost more than the average, especially for high-net worth couples and couples who have to go to trial on their issues rather than settle them out of court. Spouses with numerous brokerage, retirement, and savings accounts, cars, and real estate will spend more on divorce because of the financial analyses needed from attorneys, appraisers, and tax experts.

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