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Pregnant women and new mothers living in Oak Park with infants under age 1 who are on Medicaid or part of a low-income family, are eligible for the Family Case Management Program.

A Public Health Nurse makes home and office visits to assure that expectant families and newborns have the information, resources and support services they need. Women who are newly pregnant can be enrolled in Medicaid in order to begin receiving prenatal care as soon as possible. Preparing the community to respond to man-made and natural disasters is an important function of the Health Department. As a member of the Health Department staff, Oak Park's Emergency Preparedness Manager coordinates the many community resources that may be required to respond to an emergency.

More information on the Medical Reserve Corps how Oak Park prepares and responds to emergencies is posted on this web site - just click here.

Birth & Death Records

All retail food, food service and temporary food establishments in Oak Park are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with Village code and state licensing requirements. The Johnson Lunchroom Awards are given annually to the restaurants and food service establishments that score the highest on the inspections.

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Local public health staff also investigate complaints, reviews construction plans for new and remodeled food businesses and conduct food borne illness investigations. Click here to view a packet of information about key changes to the Illinois Food Code. Health Department staff investigate conditions that could result in rat infestations.

The Health Department also administers rat abatement activities, investigates citizen complaints and enforces environmental health codes related to rodent control. Skip to main content. Email us at feedback oak-park.

Program Operations Manual System (POMS)

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Here are links to some of the most popular items on the Village web site. Department of Public Health. Contact the Health Department for more information. Call For more information, call This process takes approximately 15 minutes. No blood tests are required. The marriage license becomes effective the day after it is issued, unless you obtain a court under and expires in 60 days. You must be married in the county where the license is issued, regardless of your county of residence. Illinois law provides for marriages of men and women over the age of 18, so long as they are not related within cousins of the first degree.

Minors under age 18 but over age 16 may be married with the consent of parents. Both parents must appear at the time the license is issued and sign an affidavit consenting to marriage.

Will County, IL Elections

Any ordained minister or religious leader may perform your marriage ceremony. Rules for the celebration of marriage in a religious ceremony vary from church to church. Many couples are married in a short civil ceremony by a Circuit Judge. The officiant will complete the marriage license following the ceremony, and both parties and their witnesses must sign. The completed license must then be returned to the County Clerk by the officiant.

Certified copies are often needed to change the last name of the bride, obtain new identification, update insurance policies, etc. Application for Marriage Certificate Copy. All discharged military veterans should record copies of their military discharge papers DD forms from any branch of the Armed Forces. There is no cost for this service. Certified copies can then be provided at no cost to veterans throughout their lifetime. Thanks to a recent change in Illinois law, DD records are now considered a confidential vital record and can not be accessed by the public at large.

State law restricts access to vital records. Only the County Clerk and staff may handle the records. Staff members will search the indexes and copy the appropriate records. For genealogy access, birth records must be at least 70 years old. Marriage records must be 50 years old.

ACLU of Illinois is part of a network of affiliates

Death records must be 20 years old. Genealogy copies are uncertified and copied on white paper. These copies can be used only for informational purposes and are not valid for legal purposes. Mailed genealogy requests should be specific and include all known information for the individuals being researched and the type of record being sought birth, death or marriage.